Insulation in parts

Applications are ventilation units, plenary rooms, etc.

We have the opportunity to manufacture the parts in different thicknesses and sizes. We can manually cut the parts in the desired size or cut our data-driven GERBER after digitized leg photos, depending on the customer's needs and wishes.

  • Density 10 - 50Kg / m3
  • Surface: The plates are coated with a 100% polyester surface, which is thermally laminated. The plates can also be delivered without polyester surface.
  • Cleaning: Cleanable surface with nylon brushes.
  • Temperature: Temperature range - 30 - + 120 ° C
  • Issues: Issue no measurable issues (FLEC)
  • Moisture: The material is not affected by moisture.
  • Fire class: In1 against non-combustible surfaces including B, s1, d0
  • Handling: When working with Dacron®, no face mask or other protective clothing is required.
  • Cutting the plates is best done with a belt saw or a small saw blade with plain blades. Special tools can be provided.

Type Approvals

Product Documentation No. SINTEF BD - 065
Technical Approval No. 2335

Insulation in parts