About Mittet

Mittet is a supplier of all products within ventilation filters with accompanying support products such as V-belts, etc. We do not perform the actual service at the ventilation systems, but can however take a joint inspection of the ventilation system together with the building responsible. That way, we ensure the correct filter variant.

A wide range is offered within the following filter types:

  • Bag filter of synthetics, glass, activated charcoal and energy filter with charcoal
  • Pleat filters for housing units
  • Compact filter, Hepa and other special filters for industry

Delivery guarantee in line with "established industry standard".

The variants of filters that are considered industry standards (whole and half modules in different bag lengths, etc.).

Usually has a delivery time of 1-2 days from received order.

Special variants within bag filters are usually delivered as fast as standard variants, but may in some cases take a few days extra, ie 2-4 days from date of order confirmation. Compact filter, Hepa and others specials outside standard measurements are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Approval and quality, including already approved filter according to New ISO 16890.

All filters from Mittet are approved according to current standard EN 779: 2012 (classifies filter by filtering effect of particle size 0.4 μm). Despite permitted transitional period to July 2018, Mittet can already from spring 2017 offer ventilation filter approved by new standard ISO 16890.

The new ISO standard aims to facilitate easier selection of the right ventilation filters for the different user environments. The new standard focuses on the efficiency of filters to filter even the smallest particles down from class PM1 (0.01-1μm) to PM2.5 and PM10. Maximum protection against PM1 items is secured by selecting ventilation filters that achieves a filtering effect of min. 50%. These are the small particles that enters in through our respiratory tract and present a risk of health damage.

Service partner and adviser

We offer advice to all of our customers based on several decades of accumulated expertise within the filter industry. Our sales team is available for questions ranging from simple issues to complex ventilation issues, which deals with the choice of best filtration solution for industrial facilities and factory buildings.

The filters are delivered in line with updated filter listings and each package is clearly marked with the correct building and where in the building the filter should be.

Mittet offers high quality ventilation filters at competitive prices. Daily every person breathes in about 25,000 liters of air. Clean indoor air should therefore be a human right - both at home and in the workplace.