Heating sheets

Our challenging climate provides us with very variable temperatures. Heating sheets are therefore very important with many of the population when temperatures plummet, and very popular where the experience of warmth and well-being is paramount.

Feeling warm in the winter and cool in summer, the blanket catches the body's heat and returns it to the body. For those who have rheumatic disorders, this heat is particularly important. The heating sheet is allergy-friendly and manufactured in moisture repellent material that prevents molding and bacterial growth. The heating sheet can be delivered in several colors and sizes.

The heating sheet can be washed, dried, and sterilized at high temperatures. Developed by the pharmaceutical company Bayer.

Technical data: 100% polyester
Lake-blanket, popularly called “Pelslaken” (Fur-sheet), is made of very comfortable and extra soft fibre fur. Easy to handle and very strong. Available with or without rubber bands in the corners. Recommended machine wash at 40 degrees.