Industrial commission services

The workwear industry and mattress manufacturers have been and still are important customers for production on commission basis for Mittet and our production lines in both Norway and Lithuania. Our capacity and flexibility in this area are large and we have several types of machine to choose from - depending on the application and design needs of the customer. Most customers today want to buy the textile themselves - and Mittet arranges fiber inserts, further processing / quilting and shipment to customers.

Quilting for garment (industry)

Quilting of garment in terms of lining, outer fabric - mostly for workwear and footwear.

Lamination of various textiles

Laminated materials can be used in a variety of products. Our primary focus are deliveries to the mattress manufacturers - and we work in partnership with the largest mattress manufacturers. Lamination of textile provides opportunities for contemporary design and comfortable products. We offer laminating where the customer supplies the textile and we do the rest. We like to have as long a roll as possible as this provides for the most efficient production.

Most types of textiles can be laminated, we have experience with both microfibre, wool, and cotton fabric. We can offer laminating of fabrics from 160 cm (net dimensions), which is unique in the Nordic countries and which also gives customers a good utilization rate on the fabrics. The foam we use is polyether foam and varies in thickness from 3.3 mm to 10 mm (gross size). The customer can get both single and double laminated goods. For furniture and mattress lamination, a polyester backing is often used to facilitate further processing and stitching at the customer's convenience. What we are particularly concerned about is that the laminated fabric has good adhesion qualities, the surface is clear, and the product has the softness that customers want. The laminated product should be easy to work when the customer commences further production.

Quilting for mattresses (furniture)

Mittet supplies quilted fabric with polyester inserts in weights ranging from 60 to 500 gr.
The polyester insert may be thermally bonded or sprayed with acrylate for greater stability.
The customer supplies the fabric and selects their design as desired.
Width: according to customer request, standard 210 cm.

Industrial commission services