Paint rollers

Creating fabrics for paint roller production is one of the product areas that has presented us with exciting challenges in recent years.

To produce the highest qualities that our customers want, we have adapted our thinking. For example: on what type of base should the paint be applied?  What type of paint is to be used? How is the customer to produce the painting roller? How can we contribute solutions to aid the customers production process?

We have many different qualities for different purposes – and we must always find the right solutions by cooperating with our customers.

Polyester and wool qualities:

  • Dtex: 3.6 - 28
  • Fur length: 5-30 mm
  • Weight: 200 - 1500 grams / m2
  • Piece length: 15-35 meters
  • Wool / polyester:
  • Fur length: 4-30 mm
  • Weight: 300 - 1300 grams / m2
  • Width: 20 x 73 mm or 150 cm
  • Piece length: 15-35 meters

It's possible to have it slitted:

  • Width 150 cm into pieces of 20 x 73 mm
  • Width 162 cm into pieces of 22 x 73 mm

Paint rollers