Compact Filter F7

Compact Filter F7

Available in separation grades F6, F7, F8 as standard - also as other sizes.

Compact filter has low start pressure drop and long lifespan due to large filter area. The filter is water resistant and works equally well with high humidity. The frames are made of plastic for a stable construction and avoid rust. Can be mounted both as intake air filter and exhaust filter. Saves space with a depth of 292mm, made of three-layer synthetic non-woven polyester.

Available in standard modules: 592x592x292, str. 492x592x292 and str. 287x592x292

Filter media: Synthetic microfiber or glass fiber

Glues: EVA, non-toxic as used in the food industry

Nominal airflow: 4500 m3 / h

Start pressure drop: 127 Pa

Filter area for full module 592 x 592 x 292: 18m2

Temperature: max 70 degrees Celsius